Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Overtaken by events

So, I was working on a piece about how Steve Buckley in the Boston Herald, Dan Shaugnessy in the Boston Globe and Jim Donaldson in the Providence Journal all wrote pieces in which they opined that David Ortiz needed to be moved down in the Red Sox lineup. I was going to point out that this was exactly the wrong time to be making that suggestion, as he's just had three days off to try to get his head in order, and only played one game since that time. I thought about mentioning that if Ortiz' performance level is actually what it has been so far, he's of no use whatsoever to the team and shouldn't even be hitting ninth. And I thought I'd touch on the fact that if he's worried about protection with Kevin Youkilis hitting behind him, having Varitek and/or Lugo behind was unlikely to aid him in overcoming whatever mental issues he might have.

But I didn't get it done in time. And then, while I was out fetching the son from fencing, Ortiz went deep in the 5th. He followed that up with a double to center in his next at-bat. So I can write those things, but they seem pretty stale at this point. Claims of profound analysis and prescience would have required my posting it before the game started. Ah well...

It is pretty clear what happened, though. The media all chattered about it last night in the press box, and then all came out with their pieces this morning before he could get a chance to render them unpublishable by going deep. And one wonders, yet again, why the mainstream papers are all going out of business...

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