Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The return of Clueless Joe

Several years ago, some Yankee fans gave their manager a nickname which is perfect for the current vice-president - "Clueless Joe." Over in the Corner, Mark Hemingway takes a look at Clueless Joe's commencement address at Wake Forest:
Even with speechwriters, the Great Commuter is still a verbal train wreck:

I believe so strongly, as you may recall when I was here in October, not in you particularly but your generation, that I don’t have a single doubt in my mind we’re on the cusp not only of a new century but a new day for this country and the world.

Way to win the crowd over. Don't believe "in you particularly"? I'm sure the feeling was mutual, Mr. Vice President.

There’s not a single issue on this President’s plate that will not yield a change — just merely by ignoring it, it will change.

Change has come to America — even when it hasn't! You know, it's true what they say, the more things don't change, the more they change. Or something.

Folks, we’re either going to fundamentally change the course of history, or fail the generations that come after us, because change will occur. Non-action is action, unlike most generations.

Clueless Joe Biden - the gift that keeps on giving...




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