Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yankee pitching acquisitions - historic

There's a good piece from the Baseball Crank, who looked Yankee veteran pitcher acquisitions in the free agency era. He concludes that
despite having, in the main, good baseball people working for them throughout most of this period, the Yankees have had flop after flop throughout every stage of the Steinbrenner years...The collective Yield of the group, excluding the foreign pitchers, is 74.6%. The waste of dollars, of young talent in trade, of innings and run support to struggling starters, is enormous...Sabathia looks like a good bet; he's up there with Hunter, Mussina, Cone, Clemens and Johnson among the best pitchers they have acquired, he's a power pitcher with a reasonably good health record and much younger than some of those guys. Burnett's also a power pitcher, but riskier, more like some of the failures...

It's a good piece, with a ton of data.

(On an unrelated note, he also links to this excellent piece on political cartoons in the age of Obama.)

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