Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The generosity of the oil companies

Since "crude oil costs have fallen to $79 a barrel from a peak of more than $147 in July," it is clearly time for Congressional action. The oil companies have repented over their past price-gouging. Like the Grinch, their hearts have "grown three sizes," or possibly more. I have called my Representative and Senators this morning to encourage Congressional medals and resolutions in praise of the generous oil companies. Having seen the light, they have generously decided to lower prices, and we all owe them a huge debt of gratitude for doing so.

(Heh. Someone tried to tell me this morning that the oil companies didn't dictate prices, so they couldn't "decide" to lower prices. According to this joker, something he called the "market" forced the prices to drop through the interaction of "supply" and "demand." I couldn't tell exactly what these were - fairies or some-such, I guess. Heh. Good one. Really, an imaginative concept.

Of course, everyone understands that oil prices are set by oil companies to gouge consumers, and if prices go down, it must be due to their goodness of spirit in repenting of their past behavior.

"Supply" and "demand" - ha ha. Can't you just picture the "supply" and "demand" fairies sitting down to "set prices?" What does a "demand" fairy look like, anyway? John Candy in a tu-tu? "I demand that you lower these gas prices!" Heh...)

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