Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why we homeschool, part 689,775

A paper recently crossed my desk, a strategic plan being prepared for a graduate-level business class. The following excerpts are taken verbatim (with the company name redacted) from that paper. They are taken from about a two page span in a 14 page paper. The material here is representative of the paper as a whole, and all of the author's classwork.
Materials and products used to sell to consumers depend heavily on domestic and foreign vendors for its high end products. The company boasts its global inspired accessories and diverse home furnishing products. It’s not afraid to go above and beyond to all corners of the globe to unique pieces that will captivate customers’ attentions.
The cost of new entries is a lot. It’s difficult for new entries to enter because they don’t have the brand reputation and it takes longer to build brand awareness. It’s not impossible to do; however, [redacted] needs to monitor its market share. Competition is high in the home furnishing industry and it continues to be more difficult in the future.
Suppliers are as important as suppliers. Suppliers are one of the business lifelines. [redacted] depends on its suppliers for products to sell.
Their wants and needs will change and [redacted] needs to stay on up of it. In addition, the brand needs to create quality products that will add values to consumers. Buyers need to believe why they should pay $36 for a towel when they can get a substitution for half the price. By learning the target consumers, [redacted] will able bring unique products that will distinguish the brand from competitors.

What has that got to do with homeschooling?

The author is a tutor. In the local public schools.

Tutoring students in English.

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