Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kevin Everett will walk again because of Marc Buoniconti

In October of 1985, Marc Buoniconti, playing linebacker for Citadel, made a tackle and fell to the ground, and hasn't walked since because of signficant spinal cord injury. In September of 2007, Buffalo Bills Tight End Kevin Everett made a tackle and fell to the ground with a similar injury. He's expected to walk out of the hospital within the next few months.

In a fantastic piece in this morning's Boston Globe by Stan Grossfeld, we learn that those two events are connected. When Marc Buoniconti was hurt, his father, former NFL lineback Nick Buoniconti, dedicated his life to helping Marc walk again, and founded the Miami project for Spinal Cord Injuries. Over the years, they have raised over $200 million dollars, and, because of the work they've done, Kevin Everett is going to walk again.

It is a great story, it is a great piece. Read the whole thing...

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