Monday, October 30, 2006


One of the treats of the week during football season is Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback column at He covers a wide range of topics, not all football-related, and it's almost always interesting. That doesn't mean that it all makes sense, however...

You figure out the Eagles. I can't.

- Peter King, Monday Morning Quarterback

What's to figure out? They're a run-of-the-mill, mediocre football team right now. They've got wins against the 2-5 Texans, 2-5 49ers, 3-4 Packers and 4-3 Cowboys. Cumulative record of opponents in Eagles' wins: 11-17. They've lost to 5-2 New York, 5-2 New Orleans, 2-5 Tampa Bay and 4-3 Jacksonville. Cumulative record of opponents in Eagles' losses: 16-12.

Isn't that about what you'd expect from a not-very-good, not-very-bad team? What, exactly, is Peter looking for here?



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