Wednesday, September 20, 2006

So I'm watching Good Morning, America...

So I'm watching Good Morning, America, this morning, and they go to a news piece on the appearances at the UN yesterday by President Bush and the President of Iran. I had to rewind and watch it again - it was a nasty little piece. The United States (with most of the rest of the world) are in a diplomatic and strategic conflict with the terror-sponsoring state of Iran. And ABC has either refused to take sides, or has sided with the Iranians. While President Bush was "harsh," President Ahmadinejad was "potent." While President Ahmadinejad was "nowhere in sight" when President Bush spoke, President Bush was "safely ensconced in his hotel room" when President Ahmadinejad spoke.

The entire piece took a position of moral equivalence between the two, with the repressive leader of the terrorist regime in Iran portrayed better than the leader of the free world.

As I was getting ready to write it up for Newsbusters, Mark Finkelstein beat me to it. For more on the piece, and the video of the segment, see here.



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