Friday, August 25, 2006

John Mark Karr

...has been the lead story on The Early Show and Good Morning, America (and, I'd suppose, The Today Show, but I haven't seen that) each and every day this week. Because...well, because. That's the important news in the world, I guess. Those morning shows continue to raise inanity to an art form.

But I've got a couple of thoughts, mainly on the media circus.

1) From the information in the public domain, it is obvious, and has been for a week, that this guy, as disturbed as he seems to be, had nothing to do with JonBenet Ramsey's death. His ex-wife, who's got a restraining order against him (and probably a huge book deal out there IF he's guilty), says that they were always together at Christmas. His family says that if he'd been apart from his wife and kids at Christmas, it would have been a family scandal. His alleged comments about picking JonBenet up from school aren't credible - school was out. There's no evidence that he was ever in Colorado. It didn't happen. He wasn't in Colorado, he didn't kill her. I'm amazed that they're continuing to cover this as if he were guilty.

2) The big question is who looks more foolish when they end up releasing him - the Boulder authorities or the national media? I'm thinking the latter. The coverage has been utterly ridiculous. Not a first...

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