Saturday, August 19, 2006

"I trained with the legend"

On Wednesday night, I had the opportunity to go to Malden and attend a seminar taught by Martial Arts legend Joe Lewis. I've seen him before, as he was at the ATA summer camp two years ago, but it's always great to get an opportunity to be with people who have been successful, and there's been no one who's been much more successful than Joe Lewis. This seminar covered various aspects of sparring, at which he's an expert. He was the World Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion, and also the World Heavyweight Karate Champion. And he's an excellent instructor, a lot of fun to train with.

At the end of the class, I picked up one of the Joe Lewis Fighting System T-shirts which they had for sale. When I showed it to my older two kids, who had been in the seminar also, I pointed out the back where it says "I trained with The Legend." Their response was "aw, dad, it was just a couple of seminars." I said, "Wait until the pictures come back." Well, I got the pictures yesterday, so I could put them up on Grandmaster Byrne's website. Here's my favorite - me sparring with, and getting punched by, living legend and international karate Superstar, Joe Lewis.

Joe Lewis and Me

We weren't really sparring, just doing sparring drills, but it was still very neat...



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