Thursday, August 10, 2006

Alert Level Red

Just woke up. Discovered that we're taking terrorism seriously again, for a day at least. Haven't read much, but a couple of initial thoughts, as a I wander the web...

  • Chertoff has just cautioned that we don't know that it's Al Qaeda. That may be true, but everything about what has been said sounds like Bojinka. I'd like to be the first to remind everyone that Bojinka was the brain child of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who was captured in Pakistan in March of 2003, while the run-up to the invasion of Iraq was "distracting" the US from the War On Terror.

  • This is obviously a disruption on a massive scale of the transportation system. The best that can be said about flying today is that the only thing worse than today's flying experience is the one that is being prevented.

  • One of the things to watch for is whether, and how, the word "muslim" is used in the news reports. Are we ever going to mature to the point where we call the threat by its proper name? I'd be willing to bet that today's not the day.

  • How many Kos diarists and DU posters will blame this on George Bush? "Wag the dog! Distractions from the failure in Iraq and the price of gas and the failure to capture Osama! Blair is Bush's lapdog!"

  • And, in the same vein, who's going to link the arrests to the election of Ned Lamont? "They're being called on all of their BS and so they're wagging the dog again!"

Update: The moonbats are nothing if not predictable. You don't need to follow this link - I'd recommend against it, but there it is.
WHY did they decide to go balls-out TODAY, the day after they got their wake up call, the day after every spokesman on the GOP side the crazy lefties will make us unsafe?"

"Pay no attention to the election in Connecticut! Pay no attention to the mounting death toll in Lebanon and a loud voice accusing Israel of crimes against humanity!"




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