Saturday, July 29, 2006

Silly season

We have officially entered the silly season.

There are two days left until the Major League Baseball trading deadline. Or, at least, the deadline for trades not involving waiver claims. And the names are flying fast and furious, regardless of whether or not the proposed deals make any sense at all.

Michael Silverman's column in the Herald this morning contains the following "news":
the Red Sox are making two-thirds of their starting outfield - center fielder Coco Crisp and right fielder Trot Nixon - available to other teams...Backup outfielder Wily Mo Pena is also believed to be on the list of players the Red Sox are making available. Included among the starters the Sox might be interested in acquiring are Philadelphia’s Jon Lieber and Cory Lidle, Washington’s Livan Hernandez and Baltimore’s Rodrigo Lopez.

Do I believe that the Red Sox would trade Crisp or Pena or Nixon in the right trade? Yes. Are any of the name's mentioned in the article likely to combine in some fashion to make the right trade? I don't see how. I, personally, wouldn't trade Nixon OR Crisp OR Pena for Lidle OR Lieber OR Hernandez OR Lopez straight up.



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