Friday, August 12, 2005

The "all gay, all the time" Boston Globe

In some corners, the Boston Globe is referred to as being "all gay, all the time." When the Goodridge case was working it's way through the Massachusetts court system, the Boston Globe was a vocal and frequent supporter of gay marriage. And it shows in their coverage. Earlier in the week, there was a front-page story about a Lutheran bishop heading a panel on sexual issues, primarily gay marriage. And there's another same-sex marriage related front-page story in Friday's Globe. It didn't need to be a "same-sex couple" story, it didn't need to be a front page story. But, again, we're talking about the Boston Globe.
Boston's beloved pair of swans -- feted by city leaders, residents, and tourists alike as one of the Hub's most celebrated summer attractions -- are a same-sex couple. Yes, scientific tests have shown that the pair, named Romeo and Juliet, are really Juliet and Juliet.

That's right. There are a pair of female swans in the Boston Public Garden, and the Boston Globe deems that to be a front-page story.
A visitor from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., suggested that the city should try to have one of next year's eggs fertilized so that Romeo and Juliet could become same-sex parents. ''I'm sure they'd probably be perfect parents," said L.D. Hollingsworth, smiling as he watched the swans grooming themselves.

Some same-sex marriage advocates hoped the swans' celebrity would not be diminished by the revelation of their same-sex status.

Marty Rouse, campaign director of MassEquality, said in a telephone interview: ''We should still cherish and love our swans, no matter whom they choose to swim with."



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