Saturday, December 28, 2013

241 Story Names

A word cloud, showing the frequency of usage of words in the titles of the first 241 stories of the Doctor Who television series over the past fifty years.  (Articles, prepositions and conjunctions omitted, as "the" and "of" would render the picture uninteresting.)

A couple of notes:
  • Singular, plural and possessive forms have been combined.  Most uses of Dalek have actually been of the form "Daleks."  "Doctor," "Doctors" and "Doctors'" are all rendered "Doctor."
  • During the first three seasons, each episode had its own title, with stories being made up of 4-6 episodes.  (In fact, it was a third-season, first doctor episode which prompted the question.)  I have not included those episode titles - this is just the 241 "stories."
  • The list came from Wikipedia (here) and does not include any novelizations, radio stories, crossover specials, mini-sodes, etc.   (Not that some of that stuff isn't good, even wonderful - check out, if you haven't, the Eleventh Doctor Minisodes Meanwhile in the Tardis Part 1 and Part 2, and First Night and Last Night - all brilliant and probably canonical.  I just didn't include them, because they aren't full stories.)

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