Saturday, October 20, 2012

CBS on the real Mitt Romney

I am shocked to find myself linking to CBS News video twice in one week, but there it is...

How on earth did this make it on to CBS?

But again, this is exactly the reason that the Obama smear campaign against Mitt Romney has been so infuriating. (And trivial - the dog and haircut stories got coverage because there's no real dirt on Mitt.) I've got no problem with people wanting to vote against him because they think that Barack Obama's done a good job, or they disagree with Romney philosophically. But he might be the nicest person, who has lived his life to the highest moral standards, of anyone who has ever run for the office. There are many reasons to vote against him, but "he's a bad guy" isn't one.

And that has been pretty much the sole argument I've seen from many...

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