Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2nd Presidential Debate tweet-stream

Here's what I was thinking, or at least tweeting, during the late afternoon and 2nd Presidential debate last night.

Left looking for a strong performance from Obama tonight. But Obama's performance is irrelevant.

He's already lost his "control" of the election. All about Romney now.

Romney could lose it tonight, but Obama can't win it....

How badly has Obama lost ground among women? Well, right now Romney is tied with the president among the eyeless "Julia" icons.

Can't be as forceful as what he's done last four @SalenaZitoTrib @ZekeJMiller Obama will make "very forceful four years"

Mitt in full pander mode. Because all of that federal money flowing to the colleges are guaranteeing affordability, right?

just isn't true! Mitt challenged him - finally! - on the GM bankruptcy. And Obama accuses him of lying.

As with Biden the other night, I'm sure the lefties are loving the class warfare they're hearing from the President

I'm used to being interrupted. By who, Michelle? Joe Biden? Not Romney, who's let him speak...

The top-5 five percent will still PAY 60% OF ALL FEDERAL TAXES. Nice way to sneak that in...

If we're serious about the debt... Yeah, sing it, Barack. Your credibility here is strong...

This has been a disappointment... Understatement of the night, so far...

Well, no, it's not... Sounded like Reagan to me...

I fear Republicans, but really, I'm undecided... "Thank you, what a great question...." Ugh...

Is Planned Parenthood really that beloved amongst the electorate that it's sacrosanct?

Obama: Flat economy explained low gas prices at start of term, but low illegal immigration flow is all about my great policies, not economy.

Just guessing here, but I suspect Obama thinks he won...

Essentially a tie. Strong points both sides. Doesn't change the trajectory, which is all Romney, so effectively a Romney win,

And why do we care what people who are too lazy or stupid or disinterested or careless to have chosen between these two yet think?

Or put it this way: Obama says it was an act of terrorism ... and then goes to a party in Vegas? That's their new story?

I'm skeptical that it was as good a night for Romney as Luntz' focus group makes it seem. Or the Fox coverage in general.

But it was good enough. Again Romney was good. Again, Romney was Presidential.

As I said earlier, Obama was irrelevant to this. This was all about Romney's performance. It was good, therefore success...

Obama wasn't doing that great until he touched rings with Candy and said, "Wonder Twins power activate!"
Frank J. Fleming

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