Tuesday, August 23, 2011


A snippet of a facebook conversation that took place yesterday...
FBF: I often wonder, from my own perspective, if the ideal of the "arch conservative" that I think exists out there and that I fear is really just a construction of my own making.

Me: You had a lot - a LOT - of help in that construction. I suspect that the bad guy in real life is much less likely to be the conservative-white-male-christian-business-executive-motivated-by-a-desire-to-rob-from-the-poor-and-subjugate-them than in movies and TV...

FBF: business-executive-motivated-by-a-desire-to-rob-from-the-poor-and-subjugate-them IS a great storyline though.

Me: May have been once, but isn't any more - ubiquity has ruined it. That's frequently the default villain, and more often than not it's obvious from the start.

Last night, I watched an episode of the television show "Leverage." In it, the victim was a poor farmer/crop-scientist who had developed a "super tuber," a super-nutritious potato that she was going to share with the world for free. The villain was the massive agri-business, personified by the rich, white CEO and the rich, white female attorney, that beat up her dad and stole the potato. You know, just as so often happens in the real world.

And then this morning, I clicked on a link that led me to this - Politics Really is Downstream from Culture
Regardless of one’s ideological, moral, ethical, or religious leanings, every person should be aware of the messaging of every piece of popular culture. The thesis here at BH is that the vast majority of those with the power of content creation are Liberals. If you accept that thesis, then realize that Liberals control story. Given the breadth and depth of popular culture in our daily lives, it follows that Liberal messaging is what is primarily being imparted on the masses.

I have no solutions. But awareness of what's being done is probably step one...

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