Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sometimes, they move from left to right

Usually, they go the other way, but sometimes (Ron Silver, David Zucker) even Hollywood celebrities move in a conservative direction.

The latest to commit this act of apostasy is playwright and screenwriter David Mamet. I've not yet read his new book ("The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture"), but it's on my list. And he's got the quote of the day, as he speaks common sense that's so ... uncommon in his fellow members of the entertainment industry.
"The question is, can he run on his record in 2012, and the answer is no, because it’s abysmal," Mamet said. "He took a trillion dollars and where it went, nobody knows. He dismantled healthcare, he weakened America around the world, he sold out the State of Israel. All he’s got to run on is being a Democrat and indicting the other fellow."
Yup. Of course, it worked for him in 2008. Equally of course, he didn't have his record then.

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