Friday, June 10, 2011

Old Picture of the Day: Hard Drive

When I started work at Data General in 1985, they had just started shipping the Argus II disk drive. Argus II was 14 inch disk drive with a capacity of 333 MB. The genius of it, the reason that DG made a ton of with that product, is that you could stack three of them in a meter-high cabinet and have a full GigaByte of storage in a package about the size of a washing machine.

That capacity can hold five or six pictures from your digital camera. If you've got a cell phone, it's got more storage capacity than that. Your wristwatch might, too.

I mention that because the Old Picture of the Day is an even older drive. Click and take a look.

In some ways, we're immeasurably richer than we were 30 years ago...




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