Thursday, June 09, 2011

More SWAT-type raids

I'm a generally pro-law enforcement law-and-order kind of guy, but this kind of thing is very dangerous, counter-productive, and needs to stop.
In California, a Federal SWAT team (apparently associated with the Dept of Education) breaks down a door to search a house for a woman who wasn't there. Apparently they wanted his estranged wife on some manner of fraud relating to education. The search warrant shows it was to be executed by the Dept of Education's Office of Inspector General, and from the list of matters to be seized it sounds as if they suspected her of getting student loans without being enrolled at a college.
Too many SWAT teams, too many raids, and too many raids gone wrong - wrong address, insufficient evidence, and people getting killed to no purpose. There is rarely a compelling public need to actually send a SWAT team in to raid a house or apartment, but we have the teams, they're trained (how well is open to debate) to do the raids, and they get used. And far, far too often, innocent people die as a result. Read that paragraph again. Why in God's name would you send a paramilitary unit after a woman on fraud charges?

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