Thursday, January 06, 2011

NFL Playoff previews: AFC Wild Card game 1

Saturday, January 8 - AFC Wild Card Game 1
New York Jets (11-5) at Indianapolis Colts (10-6)
By the numbers:
NY Jets @ Indianapolis
NY Jets 11536730463.610
Indianapolis 10643538847.567

The Jets finished with a better record than the Colts while playing a tougher schedule. The Jets were, by the numbers, a significantly better defensive team. They have a better winning percentage and a better pythagorean winning percentage.

They also have Mark Sanchez playing QB.

The Colts have won their last four, going into the playoffs on a high note after a midseason struggle, while the Jets are only 2-2 over the last month.

Reason to pick the Jets:
They have a better defense and put together a better record against a tougher schedule.

Reason to pick the Colts:
Peyton Manning. Mark Sanchez. 'nuff said...

New York wins if:
They can score without asking Mark Sanchez to do much.

Indianapolis wins if:
Peyton Manning plays like traditional regular season Peyton Manning, not like traditional "throw-the-ball-to-the-other-team-in-the-playoffs" Peyton Manning, the defense plays moderately well and Pierre Garcon actually catches balls that hit him in the hands.

My Pick:

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