Monday, January 03, 2011

Patriots records and milestones

I was going to put together a post about the records that this New England Patriots team has broken or set, but Mike Reiss has gathered them in one place pretty well, so I'm just going to link his post with a couple of additional notes.

  • I was rooting - hard - for Brady's second TD pass yesterday, to keep the 2+ TD, no picks streak alive. It is now 50% longer than the record that he broke.
  • For those of us who grew up watching the Patriots in the 70s and 80s and 90s, when the team was occasionally successful (for definitions of success that don't include winning Super Bowls), it bears mentioning how easily we adapt to and accommodate success. Now they're only the second franchise to put together four 14+ win seasons, coached by the only coach to ever coach four 14+ win seasons, and they've all come in the last eight years. I hope that people are appreciating what they're watching, because this cannot last. Three more years? Five? Enjoy it while it lasts, Patriots fans...
  • Bart Starr's record for the longest streak of passes without an interception, 294, lasted for 26 years before Bernie Kosar broke it. Kosar's lasted 19 years. We don't know, yet, how long it's going to be when Tom Brady next throws a pick, but it's possible, if not likely, that Brady remains on top of that list for a long time.
  • 36 touchdowns, 4 interceptions. That almost defies commentary. That's even more impressive than the 51 and 8 from 2007.

I've got a couple more "numbers" items on the Patriots that will be coming shortly. I'll preview them by telling you this is arguably the best team that Belichick has taken into the playoffs.

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