Thursday, January 06, 2011

Disagreeing with Dr. K

Charles Krauthammer is brilliant, but I disagree with part of his take on John Boehner's speech yesterday:
I thought it was a good speech but he was really heavy on the humility. “Dust to dust” is as humble as you get. And this after all is a guy who led the party to the biggest House landslide in over 70 years. I thought he slightly overdid it. I’m not looking for a glorious triumphalism, but I think he didn’t exactly have to wear a sackcloth. … I would have hoped for a little more pep and vigor in the acceptance [speech].
I think it's appropriate for everyone who has worked on Capitol Hill for the last 20 years, or any part of it, in any capacity, to be wearing sackcloth and ashes. They should have scarlet 'D's tattooed on their foreheads. What the Federal Government has done in that period of time to "we the people's" financial future is horrifying.

Unfortunately, those who've done the most damage are least likely to see it as such...

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