Friday, December 10, 2010

More Carl Crawford

At Fangraphs, Dave Cameron discusses the Crawford signing.
In general, reaction to the deal among people I talked to in Orlando was mostly negative, as $142 million for Carl Crawford is a big number. As a guy who gets a lot of value from his speed and defense, he isn’t the type of player to land a contract of this size. As Ken Rosenthal mentioned on Twitter, this is $50 million more than the next highest contract in baseball history for a guy who had never hit 20 or more home runs in a season- Ichiro’s previous record of $90 million for five years just got blown out of the water.

Just because it is unique, however, doesn’t mean it is automatically bad...

For the record (and I'll expound on some of this when I get a chance), my position on the signing is that
  1. Crawford is not worth that much money per year
  2. The contract is too long
  3. Too expensive for too long = bad contract
  4. I like (possibly even love) the signing anyway

Illogical? Irrational? Possibly. As I say, I'll expound at some point...

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