Friday, August 13, 2010

A Downright Mean Job

A Downright Mean Job - Victor Davis Hanson looks at a piece in the NY Times which sympathetically examines the "plight" of the former or soon-to-be-former members of the Obama administration...
Yesterday, the New York Times had a puff piece on the “exhausting” nature of White House work, pegged to the recent wave of administration departures...The Times wants to draw a sympathetic portrait of the heroic Obama cadre that suffers so much on our behalf. These are six-figure jobs that wear out one’s hands on the Blackberry, true, but serve as valuable stepping-stones to even higher-paying corporate jobs. And this is still a recession. This raise-the-bar griping will not go down well with the coal worker in Montana, the welder on a 30-story scaffold, or the oil worker offshore.
Of course, it's not like any of those people are in the NY Times target audience. The New York Times audience is Manhattan liberals and media members around the country, whose hands get dirty in the normal course of their day only if the ink on the Times isn't quite dry yet. Workers in real jobs would obviously just laugh at the travails of the stressed Obama-ites, but how many of them are going to read that piece? In the world of the NY Times and its audience, that's hard-hitting, important journalism on one of the major issues of the day...

(H/T: Instapundit)

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