Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Announcing Radical-in-Chief - Stanley Kurtz

A couple of weeks ago, I took issue with Thomas Frank over his contention that "socialist" was not an accurate label for President Barack Obama. Today, in The Corner, Stanley Kurtz has the announcement of his new book, Radical in Chief, which continues the background vetting that he was doing (and the mainstream press wasn't) during the 2008 Presidential campaign.
RADICAL-IN-CHIEF marshals a wide array of never-before-seen evidence to establish that the president of the United States is indeed a socialist. Tracing an unbroken thread of socialist activities and political partnerships, from Obama’s youth through his community organizing days and beyond, the book confirms that the president’s harshest critics have been right about his socialism all along.
Sounds like a good, albeit scary and sad, read...

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