Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

Here's a pretty good ad...

Hard to disagree with any of it, right?

Anyone know what Michael Bennet does for a living right now? Want to take a guess? Go on, take a guess before reading on.

Figure it out?

He's a sitting United States Senator. A Democrat. Who voted FOR the porkulus stimulus bill. (You remember, the one from "this Washington" where "they spend money they don't have.") Who voted FOR the Obamacare Health Care Reform bill. (You remember, the one from "here" where "they spend money they don't have" and "the special interests have too much power" and "this Washington is broken.") Apparently, Michael Bennet doesn't want to stand up in front of his constituents and defend those votes.

Which makes that about as deceptive and dishonest an ad as you're ever likely to see outside of an Obama or Clinton campaign.

(H/T: Jim Geraghty, who asks, "What's the strategy here, close your eyes and pretend you're not a sitting U.S. Senator?" Sure looks like it...)

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