Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kelo revisited

Like many others, I ranted and raved about the Supreme Court's judicial obscenity decision in Kelo vs. New London. It was an offense to the Constitution and everything for which it should stand.

Well, the whole process has become, if possible, even more obscene.
...four years after that decision gave Susette Kelo's land to private developers for a project including a hotel and offices intended to enhance Pfizer Inc.'s nearby corporate facility, the pharmaceutical giant has announced it will close its research and development headquarters in New London, Connecticut...While Ms. Kelo and her neighbors lost their homes, the city and the state spent some $78 million to bulldoze private property for high-end condos and other "desirable" elements. Instead, the wrecked and condemned neighborhood still stands vacant, without any of the touted tax benefits or job creation.

So the Supreme Court gave the city of New London authority and permission to take non-blighted houses from law-abiding citizens in order to give the land to a wealthy corporation. They went ahead and took the houses. They destroyed them. And now the whole area is sitting vacant, because business conditions change, and that wealthy corporation, for whom the city raped and plundered the property of law-abiding taxpayers, has decided that they're not only not going to expand, they're actually leaving the area.

When he got to where he was going, Ted Kennedy1 had a lot to answer for...

1 - Ted Kennedy was essentially single-handedly responsible for defeating the nomination to the Supreme Court of Robert Bork. That spot ended up going to Anthony (no relation) Kennedy, who provided the fifth and deciding vote to legalize theft and destruction against the good people of New London.

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