Friday, October 16, 2009

Chairman Mao has a fan in the White House

White House communications director Anita Dunn, whose job seems to consist of attacking Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, back in June of this year reveals the people that she takes lessons from:

"...two of my favorite political philosophers, Mao Tse Tung1 and Mother Teresa"

If we had an unbiased, objective mainstream press in this country, if the New York Times and Washington Post and CBS News and CNN were what they purport to be, there are a thousand people in the Obama White House who wouldn't have a prayer of working in the White House. But no, they have to spend their time using bogus quotes to prevent Rush Limbaugh from buying into an NFL team instead of vetting White House employees. And even when this stuff does make it into the blogosphere and then onto Fox News, there still won't be anything, except maybe, like in the Van Jones case, a note about a resignation that none of their readers/viewers will have any context for understanding.

This administration is full of, if not anti-Americans, anti-capitalists who are against many of the things that have made America great. Starting with the guy at the top. Many are now realizing it, of course, and if there were to be another election this November, I don't believe he'd win. And I don't believe that Nancy Pelosi would be the house speaker again. But the amount of damage they've done thus far and the amount that could be done in the next year are sobering to contemplate.

1 - You could never get away with saying "Adolph Hitler" in this context - even a liberal couldn't get away with it - but is there really a significant difference between the two?

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