Monday, September 28, 2009

Are you a well-adjusted American? Take this quiz to find out!

Quiz - How well-adjusted are you to life in 21st century America?

Question 1: The democratically-elected President of a United States ally attempts, with the support of various Latin American Marxists dictators, to violate his country's Constitution and set himself up as a dictator. The Constitutional Authorities in that country legally remove him from office, and replace him. Everything is done according to the rule of law, in preparation for new elections. The United States should:

A) Support the people of Honduras and condemn the removed President for attempting to set up another Marxist dictatorship.

B) Join with the enemies of America in condemning the Supreme Court and the people of Honduras for following their laws and Constitution in attempting to maintain their constitutional Democratic Republic.

Question 2: The President of the United States gives a speech before a joint session of Congress during which he makes several false statements in an attempt to convince people to allow increased government intervention in the health care system. After one particularly blatant falsehood, a Congressman yells out, "You lie!" The correct reaction is:

A) It is particularly unhelpful and concerning that the President feels that he can repeatedly lie about situations, conditions and plans in order to increase the government's power.

B) How rude of that Congressman! Completely unacceptable!

Question 3: A group which has long been associated with the President of the United States, a group which is extremely partisan in nature yet collecting millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies, is found, in a hidden camera investigation, to be giving tax advice to a "prostitute" in order to help her set up a brothel with underage girls smuggled illegally into the United States from Guatemala. The proper coverage in the media would consist of:

A) How is it that this group is getting taxpayer funding? What kind of training programs do they have for workers that interact with the public? If this is a case of a "few bad apples," how is that the undercover cameras found the same kind of advice in at least five different offices? Isn't this an example of a seriously corrupt organization?

B) Shouldn't we be concerned that the undercover journalist's father is a minister at a conservative Christian church, and a partisan opposed to the President?

Question 4: The United States has plans to put missile defense systems in former Soviet bloc countries which are now allies, and these countries want the systems. The Russians do not want the systems in place. The President of the United States should:

A) Maintain that the systems are defensive only, continue with their installations, and negotiate with the Russians in order to determine whether there are reasonable changes which could be made to the plan in return for reasonable Russian concessions.

B) Unilaterally stop the installations because the Russians don't want them, and maybe they'll help us out with something later.

Question 5: Some of your neighbors need to be at work before the bus arrives to pick up their children in the morning, but the woman who lives directly in front of the bus stop does not. She is happy to have two or three of the children wait in her house for 15-45 minutes before the bus comes. Your reaction:

A) What a good and helpful friend - it's refreshing to see that kind of neighborhood cooperation as people help one another out.

B) The state should step in and shut down this unauthorized, unregistered, non-tax-revenue-generating day care.

All finished? Good.

If you answered "B" to every question, congratulations! You are a perfectly adjusted subject of the United States of Obama American, circa 2009.

If you answered "A" to any question, you have problems. You are dangerously maladjusted to the current world, as you believe that the United States should promote the interests of the United States, or that residents should be able to help one another without government involvement, or that the President shouldn't be lying to the people, or that the media should be covering the important issues of the day. It may be necessary for re-education.

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