Sunday, June 28, 2009

Who are the AL All Star pitchers?

Here is a list (incomplete) of AL Starting pitchers who have started 14+ games and thrown 90+ innings. About half of the AL All Star pitching staff should come from this group, maybe 6 or 7 pitchers total from this group of 18. Here is the relevant information for determining which of these pitchers are All Star worthy, including starts, innings, ER, HR, K and BB.

AL Starters - All Star Candidates

Pitcher A15510993233181111041.901.036.17

Pitcher B151101 1/37927729790012.401.072.72

Pitcher C1431039529612882022.531.067.33

Pitcher D161109 2/396317321075092.541.213.34

Pitcher E162112 2/3101331436706042.641.271.94

Pitcher F15310280301032831012.651.112.59

Pitcher G16111111936726792042.921.323.04

Pitcher H152101 1/310335726411013.111.281.58

Pitcher I16099 1/310136727641013.261.302.37

Pitcher J15099 1/391361224613123.261.192.54

Pitcher K162103 1/390397341243253.401.233.65

Pitcher L160108 1/3116411123761113.411.293.30

Pitcher M15198 1/38938732943103.481.262.94

Pitcher N1621098843931786043.551.152.52

Pitcher O15097 1/374391439853013.611.192.18

Pitcher P15198 1/393401429574123.661.281.97

Pitcher Q1509482411347926093.931.441.96

Pitcher R15294 2/39344636509034.181.461.39

It doesn't take a lot of careful examination of that list to see that the bottom half dozen really can't make a legitimate claim to a spot. There are six pitchers with ERAs under 3.00 and WHIPs under 1.3. There are several more with ERAs in the 2.9-3.4 range, with more than 6 innings per start. If anyone can make a good argument for pitcher N-R, I'd love to hear it, because I don't see one.

Here's the same list, this time with the names filled in.

AL Starters - All Star Candidates

Zack Greinke15510993233181111041.901.036.17

Edwin Jackson151101 1/37927729790012.401.072.72

Roy Halladay1431039529612882022.531.067.33

Felix Hernandez161109 2/396317321075092.541.213.34

Kevin Millwood162112 2/3101331436706042.641.271.94

Jered Weaver15310280301032831012.651.112.59

Cliff Lee16111111936726792042.921.323.04

Nick Blackburn152101 1/310335726411013.111.281.58

Dallas Braden16099 1/310136727641013.261.302.37

Mark Buehrle15099 1/391361224613123.261.192.54

Justin Verlander162103 1/390397341243253.401.233.65

James Shields160108 1/3116411123761113.411.293.30

Josh Beckett15198 1/38938732943103.481.262.94

CC Sabathia1621098843931786043.551.152.52

Matt Garza15097 1/374391439853013.611.192.18

Joe Saunders15198 1/393401429574123.661.281.97

A.J. Burnett1509482411347926093.931.441.96

Tim Wakefield15294 2/39344636509034.181.461.39

There are some people in the Boston media, and in the Red Sox nation fanbase, who have been banging the drum for Tim Wakefield to make the All Star team. And it's easy to see that it would be a great storyline - he's got the longest tenure of anyone on the roster, has pitched very well on occasion. But you can't make a case that Tim Wakefield, the pitcher, should be an American League All Star this year. There's not one pitcher on the list that you can plausibly argue is less worthy of going, based on pitching performance.

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