Thursday, July 24, 2008

Home Road schedules

I've noted, a couple of times before, that Tampa's had a pretty big schedule advantage home/road-wise versus the Red Sox so far. That hasn't changed yet, but it's going to.

Home/Road schedule splits - 7/24/2008

Rank (MLB)EASTWLPCTWLTotalWLTotalGames PlayedRemaining Home%Remaining Road%

1Tampa Bay59410.594016561925441002540.32%3759.68%

2NY Yankees56450.5543322552323461012642.62%3557.38%




No team in baseball has a higher percentage of its games left to be played on the road than the Rays. The Yankees and A's are tied for second. Boston's 29th - only Texas gets a higher percentage of its remaining games at home than the Red Sox.

Another way to look at it is this. Boston and Tampa each have a 50 game set which is split 50/50 home and away - 25 remaining at home and 25 on the road. Beyond that set, Boston has 9 more games, all home games. Tampa has 12 more all on the road.

Based on home and road records, Boston has played better than Tampa, despite Tampa's nominal 1/2 game lead. Boston's on a pace to win 97 games, the Rays to win 93. (Yankee fans are excited about their team again, but they've had the same kind of schedule advantage as the Rays, plus a much softer interleague schedule - New York's on a pace to win 89.)

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