Wednesday, February 06, 2008

GOP nominee - John McCain

It's OVAH...

McCain is the Republican nominee. It could be McCain vs. Obama, though I think that McCain vs. Clinton is still (slightly) more likely. But the Republican race is over, and Mitt needs to get out with his dignity intact at some point.

That depresses me.

As much as he's done many things that offended me, however, McCain is still preferable to either of the other two. The world is still a dangerous place, and on the Government's primary responsibility, national security, he's vastly preferable. He's likely to be much better on taxes and the economy, as well, even if he's not what I'd like to see.

I do see it being important that he choose an actual conservative as a running mate. He needs the Republican base, he needs the conservative base, and he needs to do something to acknowledge them. He needs to give them a reason to vote for a McCain/Conservative ticket - "better than the alternative" won't beat Obama (though it might beat Hillary.)

But unless he's caught in bed "with a dead girl or a live boy," to use Edwin Edwards formulation, the Republican race ain't a race no more...

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