Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl XLII

I feel as if I owe my readers some commentary, loathe though I am to speak on the subject. So here are a few thoughts on a game which I'm apt to be reminded of far, far more often than I'd like in the future.

  • The Giants played really well. Congratulations to New York on an excellent game.

  • They were also sprinkled in fairy dust. Every time the ball hit the ground, they ended up with it. Pierre Woods recovered Manning's fumble in the first half, got rolled over with possession, and then had the ball stripped after having been downed, and the Giants got the ball back. Manning fumbled on the final drive, the Patriots came out of the pile with the ball, and for some reason, the Giants kept it.

  • I don't know why the play wasn't stopped on the throw to Tyree. And I don't know how he caught that ball.

  • And the Patriots played badly. The offensive line had their worst night of the year. I'm sure that Neal going out early didn't help. And Brady made a number of un-Brady like throws. Again, part of that was the pressure, but a lot of it was Brady having a bad night at the worst possible time.

  • Assante Samuel's going to make a lot of money this off-season, but he had the game-sealing interception go through his hands on the last Giant drive.

  • The most frustrating thing about last night may be the failure to eliminate the 1972 Dolphins as a storyline the next time someone starts out 8-0.

That game is going to be sickening for a long, long time...

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