Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday morning record chase update

There are several offensive records that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have good-to-excellent chances of breaking. Here's where things stand through 13 games:

Tom Brady and New England Patriots Record Chase
Record:Current:Held by:So far:Need:Need to average:

Something shocking would have to happen not to break

Points (team)5561998 Minnesota Vikings5035418

TDs (team)70Miami Dolphins (1984)6562

TD passes (QB)49Peyton Manning (2004)4551.67

Likely to be broken

Rating121.1Peyton Manning (2004)123.54

Possible, but not currently on pace

PPG (team)38.838.6911939.67

I didn't think so, but now looks possible

Yards passing5084Dan Marino (1984)4095990330


Comp %70.55Ken Anderson (1982)70.12

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