Tuesday, September 25, 2007

NFL Week 3 wrapup

  • Teams that we were I was wrong about, apparently, upside version:

    1. Green Bay - I thought that Green Bay was a complete fraud team, and that Bret Favre was done - really done. That appears not to be the case through Green Bay's 3-0 start.

    2. Tampa Bay - Another Bay, another woeful team that may be much better than I anticipated.

    3. Tie - Tennessee, Jacksonville - I had no expectations for either of these teams. That they are both 2-1 right now surprises me.

  • Teams that we were I was wrong about, apparently, downside version:

    1. San Diego - This is kind of a bummer, actually. That New England win that looked so impressive after week 2 looks...less impressive now. Is the coaching change that significant? Or were the Chargers NOT, as was constantly bandied about, the most talented team in the NFL last year? Either way, they have given no indication, so far, that they're a threat.

    2. New Orleans - The Saints now look as if they rode an early hot streak to the play-offs, and then got lucky to face a weak, tired Eagles team in a home play-off game. In other words, the 2006 Saints status as one of the best teams in the NFL was a mirage.

    3. St. Louis - Rather than winning the NFC West, they're bringing up the rear, and offering no evidence to suspect that won't continue...

  • The Baltimore defense continues to offer evidence that they're no longer the fearsome unit the people still think them to be. Allowing 27 against Cincinnati on the road is one thing - allowing 23 against Arizona at home is another. And in between, they allowed 20 to the Jets. (Yes, yes, the Jets only scored 13, but the Ravens allowed 20 - Justin McCareins just refused to take the last 7.)

  • My Best commentary of the week:
    Buffalo at New England - "frankly, the only thing that would be surprising about a 3rd 38-14 score for NE would be the Bills getting into the endzone twice."

  • My worst analysis of the week (again, there's an embarassment of riches here):
    San Diego at Green Bay - "Talent mismatch. The Chargers are overrated, but not even the Norv Turner factor keeps them from going into Lambeau and winning by a touchdown or more."

  • For the week:
    Winners: 11-5
    ATS: 8-5-3

  • For the Season:
    Winners: 30-18
    ATS: 25-19-4

  • Past performance is no guarantee of future results. If I were to finish the season above .500 in either category, I think it would be the first time. File under "Acorn, found - blind squirrel..."

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