Saturday, March 10, 2007

Caveman channels C.S. Lewis

A comparison...

First, a passage from C.S. Lewis:
The whole modern estimate of primitive man is based upon that idolatry of artefacts which is a great corporate sin of our own civilisation. We forget that our prehistoric ancestors made all the useful discoveries, except that of chloroform, which have ever been made. To them we owe language, the family, clothing, the use of fire, the domestication of animals, the wheel, the ship, poetry and agriculture.
- C. S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain

Next, a Geico television commercial parody of a news-channel talking-head show:
Announcer: Tone aside, historically, you guys have struggled to adapt.

Caveman: (with extreme sarcasm) Yeah, right. Walking upright, discovering fire, inventing the wheel. Laying the foundation for all mankind. You're right, good point. Sorry we couldn't get that to you sooner...

Coincidence? Plagiarism?

I report - you decide...

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