Monday, February 26, 2007

Academy awards live down to my expectations...

Al Gore was not the only one to benefit from Hollywood's self-congratulatory admiration for its brave, bold stance on Global Warming. I learned today (by accident - I wasn't looking for it) that Happy Feet won the Academy award for best Animated Feature. I cannot conceive of a reason, other than the political correctness of preferring penguins to man, that anyone would vote for that film for anything. Monster House wasn't a great film, but it was better than Happy Feet. Cars was immeasurably better. Better in every way it could possibly have been better. Better story, better animation, better vocal performances, better soundtrack. Better everything.

But Cars, you see, is about, well, cars. Them southern rednecks like cars. Like Nascar. Loud noises, exhaust fumes, left turns. That's just too jarring on the Hollywood left. It isn't, you know, simply too important, like saving the planet so that the Penguins can have fish to eat...



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