Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Steyn. Is. The. Man.

Yet again, Mark Steyn cuts right to the heart of an issue, with this piece about John Kerry (or, as Steyn says, "Senator Nuancy Boy") and his "botched joke."
Whatever he may or may not have intended (and "I was making a joke about how stupid Bush is but I'm the only condescending liberal in America too stupid to tell a Bush-is-stupid joke without blowing it" must rank as one of the all-time lame excuses), what he said fits what too many upscale Dems believe: that America's soldiers are only there because they're too poor and too ill-educated to know any better. That's what they mean when they say "we support our troops." They support them as victims, as children, as potential welfare recipients, but they don't support them as warriors and they don't support the mission.



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