Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Did my civic duty.

Talk about mixed emotions.

It's always wonderful to go into the voting booth and exercise the franchise. Even better, I had to show an ID this morning! Apparently, not everyone did - I don't know what the rules were, exactly. (Maybe just registered Republicans - that wouldn't surprise me :-( ) But that anyone did is a step in the right direction.

But what a depressing ballot. There were 13 races in which I had a chance to vote. The Republicans managed to get candidates in exactly three (3) of them. There were more Green/Rainbow candidates on the ballot than Republicans. No, that's not hyperbole, not exaggeration, not a joke. I voted - futiley - for Kerry Healey for Governor. I didn't even bother to vote for the Republican running against Ted Kennedy - the fact is that neither side has bothered to advertise in that race, because Kennedy will take 80+% of the vote. I wrote in Rick Santorum.

In other words, I voted, again, for no one who will win anything. Which is pretty typically what happens when I vote...



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