Friday, February 10, 2006

AP continues to mis-label Terrorist Surveillance Program

Vice-President Cheney spoke, last night, to the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington. The AP has a snippet of his speech in their video stories this morning. The passage that they've got up includes the following from the Vice President, speaking on the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program:
Some of our critics call this a "domestic surveillance program." Wrong. That is inaccurate. It is not domestic surveillance. We are talking about communications, one end of which is outside the United States and therefore interational and one end of which we have reason to believe is somehow tied to or related to Al-quaeda. It's hard to think of any category of information that could be more important to the safety of the United States.

The headline for this video clip?

Cheney Defends Domestic Surveillance

Look, the AP, along with most of the mainstream press, has chosen sides. There's no other explanation for this. The administration has repeatedly attempted to set the record straight, and the press, from
The Associated Press to Time Magazine to CBS' The Early Show have steadfastly refused to change their labeling.

Is that not prima facie evidence of bias? As the program is clearly not a "domestic surveillance program" and they've been told repeatedly for at least 2 1/2 weeks now that it's not, and they've ignored it. Clearly, the terms "domestic spying" and "domestic surveillance" are inflammatory. Equally clearly, they reflected negatively upon the Bush administration. And it is equally obvious that they are not accurate. And the press continues to use them...



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