Saturday, February 04, 2006


There's an interesting piece today by Clarice Feldman at The American Thinker on the state of the Libby indictment. She's actually gone through some of the affidavits that special counsel Fitzpatrick used to compel testimony, and has a couple on interesting conclusions.
Get it? There was not even an effort here at a fair investigation or even-handed treatment. The prosecutor was only issuing subpoenas to reporters he thought had received leaks from people trying to discredit Wilson’s story. Whether or not leaks involved classified material or national security, leaks for other motives to reporters were of no concern to him. Whatever leaks Wilson or Plame or the VIPs or any other partisans made respecting the White House were of no concern to the Special Prosecutor. Just leaks relating to discrediting “whistleblower” Joe.

This is why the criminalization of politics should be stopped. This is why there should never be another special prosecution.

And this is why this case deserves to be dismissed.



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