Sunday, September 25, 2005

A very disturbing trend...

I was, frankly, horrified to read a piece in the London Telegraph today (Women bypass sex in favour of 'instant pregnancies'). The gist of the story is that many women still in child-bearing age are skipping even the attempt to get pregnant "naturally" in favor of in-vitro fertilization, apparently on the belief that it offers them the best chance at an "instant" pregnancy.

It is disturbing on many levels, but one comment just leaped out as begging a question:
Mr Dooley practises at Westover House clinic and the Lister Hospital, both in south-west London, and a clinic in Poundbury, Dorset. He said: "I have people who come to me for IVF who haven't got time for sex. Those people don't care about looking for a lifestyle or maximising their natural potential." (emphasis added)

Let's get real here for just a second - what on earth makes someone who hasn't "got time for sex" think that she has time to be a mother?



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