Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Because the umpires didn't mistreat the Red Sox badly enough...

...in Friday night's game, Major League baseball has decided to add injury to insult. This just doesn't seem right...
Brandon Workman gets suspended for Friday night's fiasco at Fenway while David Price can go about his business. Major league baseball today suspended Workman for six games for throwing a pitch in the head area of Rays third baseman Evan Longoria Friday night.
The Sox righthander was also fined an undisclosed amount.

Just wow.

There was one (1) pitch in that game which was indisputably thrown at a batter. It was thrown by David Price, at David Ortiz, in the first inning. The entire kerfuffle had one, and only one, instigator - David Price. And he walks, while Workman gets six games, and a fine, for a pitch that a) could conceivably have slipped and b) didn't even come that close to hitting anyone.

 Nice job, MLB...

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