Thursday, September 19, 2013

The comment I did NOT post on facebook this morning...

A high school classmate posted a link to an article about France's new ban on "child beauty contests" with the comments, "Good on France" and "When do beauty pageants get banned altogether?"  This is a classmate who is a fervent supporter of abortion rights, because, "women's control over their own bodies" and what-not.

My comment, written and then deleted (as is so often the case):
Ok, I've tried to not do this, but I've got to know - how do you reconcile support for abortion (because "women must have control over their own bodies") with government bans on beauty pageants?  If women have the right to "reproductive autonomy" don't they have the right to compete in swimsuit competitions?

I don't want to debate abortion (or beauty pageants), but the cognitive dissonance strikes me as overwhelming, and I'm honestly curious as to how you would reconcile those positions.

And I really am curious.  But it's the wrong conversation for the wrong forum, so, delete.

But if anyone reading this happens to hold both of those positions (pro-choice, pro-prohibition on beauty pageants), I'd love to understand how...

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