Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Obama Campaign Policy - New and improved, with Even More Lies!

On Sunday night, I walked out of the general store in Stockbridge, MA, site of so much Americana produced by the great Norman Rockwell, behind a couple who were discussing politics. And what caught my attention was their lament about Obama's debate performance. "Obama's just too nice," one said to the other. At which I chortled, and they moved away.

That followed two days in which my liberal Facebook friends were all overjoyed to have Obama out on the stump lying about Romney again, after getting called on it during the debate on Wednesday night.

So this piece in the WSJ amused me...

Obama Test-Drives a New Tone
During his California trip, Mr. Obama, who will spend the weekend preparing for the debate, got an earful of suggestions for how to approach the next debate. "After the debate, I had a bunch of folks come to me: 'Don't be so polite, don't be so nice,' " Mr. Obama told a San Francisco crowd.
Yeah, that's the problem. President "I won" is just too nice. President hey-he's-lying-and-he-abuses-dogs-and-causes-cancer-in-laid-off-worker's-wives is just too darned good for this cruel and imperfect world in which he finds himself.

Let me just say this - I think he could make his base really happy by going full-bore aggressive in attacking Governor Romney in the next debate. And achieve for himself a pyrrhic victory, by turning off all of the non-base voters that he desperately needs...

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