Monday, July 09, 2012

If you can't say something nice...

A liberal friend posted another picture on facebook this weekend from the insipid, inane "Dogs Against Romney" group.  And I posted a comment, and then deleted it, but not before it had been noticed.  I was asked where my comment went.  And this is how I responded.
As much as the incessant harping on that incident irritates me, as much as it is completely irrelevant to anything having to do with who should win the Presidency, as mind-numbingly irrational it is to keep harping on one candidate's non-cruel behavior to his dog when the other has actually EATEN DOG AS A MEAL, it's just pointless to keep pointing that out, so I deleted it.

Actually, the thing that's driving me crazy is the vilification of Romney. Don't like his policies? Fine. There are several of them I don't care for. Concerned about what will happen if he's elected? Vote against him, campaign against him.

The idea that he's some kind of cartoon super-villain, the personification of evil is nuts. There's not a shred of evidence that he's anything but an upstanding, honest, faithful family man, who has been good to the people around him at all times. (Which is true for most of the Mormons I know.) I'm tired of the idea that he's got to be a bad guy because a) he's been successful and b) Obama's record is dismal so he can't run on it. Again, some of his policies I'll defend, and some I won't, and anyone who doesn't like his policies is free to vote against him, but the character assassination coming out of the Obama machine, and the non-critical way in which many seem to have accepted and spread it, is repugnant to me.
And then, in my inbox this morning, I received a link to the latest info-graphic from the GOP, saying pretty much the same thing.  Obama can't run on his record, so the entire campaign strategy has got to be to make Mitt Romney unacceptable to 50.1% of the voters.

So that's what they're doing.  They are running the ridiculous "outsourcing" accusations (did you make the computer that you're reading this on, and every component in it, from scratch and by yourself?  No?  Then you're an outsourcer, too...) and, at the fringes, they're doing things like the "Dogs Against Romney" attacks.

I know, that's how the game is played.  But that doesn't make it any less unpleasant...

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