Wednesday, April 04, 2012

It's all over but the counting...

Over in The Corner, they're talking about the Republican primaries, and many of them have caught up to where I was back in January...
While I don't agree that [Romneycare] "disqualifies" him, I've made clear on several occasions that I believed it would prevent Romney from winning the Republican nomination. What that position assumed, of course, was that someone else would show up who could win it.
That's clearly not happened. That's clearly not going to happen. So, since I haven't commented recently on this, let's get this out there now.
The race for the Republican nomination for the Presidency is over. Mitt Romney is going to be the candidate. Huntsman, who was never a viable candidate, is gone. Ron Paul is not a viable candidate. Newt Gingrich is not a viable candidate. Rick Santorum is not a viable candidate. And Rick Perry, who looked like a viable candidate when he entered the race, has been a dreadful candidate. Yes, they still have to have primaries, and count votes, and add up delegates. But it's all mechanical now. The race is over; Mitt's won.

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