Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Newtering Obama's re-election strategy"

Milton Wolf has an interesting take on the Bain attacks on Romney from Gingrich and Perry:
President Obama should be very worried by the backlash against these attacks, real or perceived, on free-market capitalism. The White House’s divisive class-warfare strategy of running against free enterprise, against the “1 percent,” was given a test run by Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Perry, and it failed miserably. Not only was Mr. Romney given the opportunity to preview that line of attack and prepare accordingly but, more importantly, the voters soundly rejected it.
Obviously, Republican primary voters do not represent anything like a solid majority of those who will go to the polls in November, but in the long run, I think he's correct - dealing with the attack now, successfully, makes it, if not "old news," at least older news when the President goes negative in the fall.

Which, with no positive record to campaign on and the active aid and comfort of the media-wing of the Democratic Party, he inevitably will...

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