Monday, April 11, 2011

Bedford Pole-Capping

On Saturday, the first event of what we might call the "revolutionary re-enactment season" took place in Bedford, MA. The Bedford Pole-Capping recreates an act of revolutionary defiance, where the anti-loyalists would go out and place red caps, as used to signify the manumission of slaves in Rome, upon tall trees or poles. The regulars would then, typically, cut them down. In Bedford, there's a parade with several of the local groups of minute men, and some fife and drums corps, the pole goes up, the cap goes up, and then the "lobsterbacks" arrive and take away the "pole capper."

Arriving for the event

Lining up

Fifers tuning

The William Diamond Jr. Fife and Drum Corps

On the parade route

Capping the pole

First event complete!

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